An Amazing Day At The Zoo                   

Kids—are you up for spending the day with some roaring lions, adorable pandas, hopping kangaroos, and other fascinating animals?

Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers—are you looking for engaging, entertaining, and imaginative reading geared to facilitate early learning and foster kids’ interest in the natural world?

Then get ready for a trip to the zoo!

An Amazing Day at the Zoo whisks readers away on a fun, exciting adventure to the local animal park. On this journey, kids will explore the fascinating world of animals in a book tailored for early learning. They’ll meet lions, tigers, giraffes, pandas, seals, gorillas, and a host of other amazing creatures. And while kids meet these animals at the zoo, they also go beyond the zoo to learn about the animals’ natural habitats, about their behavior, and about the way they fit in with their native ecosystems.

An Amazing Day at the Zoo has something to offer everyone involved in early learning: teachers, parents, homeschoolers—and the kids themselves!

Kids will love the pictures and the entertaining exploration of the animal world. Each story is packed with fun information kids will love to talk about and will remember for years. And the journey doesn’t end with stories. Each animal is introduced through color photographs. Each is set in a layout carefully structured to hold kids’ interest and make reading exciting and fun. The book also features three sets of puzzles and a sketch pad that will allow kids to draw their own pictures. You may have trouble getting your child or student to put the book down!

• If you’re a parent, An Amazing Day at the Zoo gives you an opportunity to explore nature with your kids. Parents of younger children can read the book aloud, and parents of older children can have the child read to them. Of course, even adults love learning about animals, and with this book’s focus on exploring through the imagination, parents can expect to have many great conversations with their young readers about other adventures they can set off on together.

For educators & homeschoolers, An Amazing Day at the Zoo provides excellent supplementary reading for nature and animal learning units. Its focus on imaginative exploration also offers a great jumping-off point for classroom discussions, written assignments, and more!

Getting An Amazing Day at the Zoo into your classroom or home library will open the doors to exploration and imagination for all kids in the primary grades. Order now, and get started on a fun, exciting adventure that will get your kids reading, learning, and exploring.

Put this book to work!

“An Amazing Day at the Zoo” is fun primary-grade reading that kids will love. And it has plenty of uses everywhere early learning is important:

• As a basis for class discussion, or as a conversation starter in the home, or as a tool to engage kids in conversation and learning in any setting.
• As supplemental reading for a science, nature, or world geography unit
• As a great read-aloud assignment for kids in the primary grades—at home, in class, or one-on-one with a teacher.
• As a wonderful “free reading” title in the classroom or home library.
• As a reading assessment tool: the book features three sets of multiple-choice questions to reinforce kids’ learning and help teachers and homeschooling parents assess reading comprehension
• As the basis for other approaches to early learning, including reports, research projects, presentations, and other assignments.

Contains fun activities: Slider Puzzle, Memory Game, Word Search and a “Test your knowledge” section with three levels of difficulty.







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