Inspiring kids to explore the world through reading and imagination

A great new series of ebooks aimed at early learning classrooms inspires kids to explore the world through reading and their imagination.

These five books—A Day at the Zoo, An Ocean Adventure, Explore the Rainforest, Around the World in a Day, and The Road To Greatness—take up vital topics like the natural world, culture and geography, and science and history. They explore these topics through fun, engaging storylines—supplemented by stunning color photographs, puzzles, and other fun features. In short, they offer an irresistible invitation to early learners to journey in their imaginations.


While the books are fun, they do provide solid educational content. They explore their topics through a series of short, fact-filled pieces, providing plenty of information with a light, engaging, and often humorous touch. The books even come with sets of self-scoring multiple-choice questions that can reinforce the reading or allow a teacher, home-school parent, or other educator to assess their students’ reading comprehension.

The e-book format has also been used to great advantage: each book is full of color photographs that make their topics even more appealing. The books also include three sets of puzzles (which further reinforce students’ grasp of the materials presented) and a special “drawing pad” feature that allows students to draw items related to what they’ve read. In this way, the books access multiple learning styles, making them an even more desirable choice for the school or home-school classroom—and as adjuncts to work in speech therapy sessions.

Here are some of the settings in which these books can best be put to use:

For classroom teachers these books can serve as supplementary reading for classroom units on natural science, ecology, marine life, science and technology, and more. The engaging layout and content are irresistible even to the most reluctant readers, making these books an excellent choice for classrooms across all elementary grades.

The unique story-centered approach can also spark vital class discussions and serve as inspiration for reports, projects, and other great activities—and they make the books ideal for reading aloud, either in one-on-one settings or for an entire class. In addition, the books include three separate sets of multiple-choice questions, each pitched to match different kids’ developmental levels, which will reinforce what students learn and allow for effortless assessment of reading comprehension.

For homeschoolers, the versatility of these books is an added bonus. At $3.99 per book, the entire set is a great value, particularly because the books can serve a variety of uses. The nature-focused titles (A Day at the Zoo, An Ocean Adventure, and Explore the Rainforest) are great as general reading assignments for kids in elementary grades. But they’re also perfect to use as the main texts or as supplementary reading for units on nature, ecology, and even geography.

Around the World in a Day is an obvious choice for learning about world geography, but it will work for world history and multicultural literacy as well. Finally, The Road To Greatness, which explores the lives of a number of inventors and scientists along with other famous people is an excellent choice for supplementing STEM education in a homeschool setting.

For speech therapy professionals using these books for literature-based speech therapy, these books offer a number of important features. The short pieces make for excellent texts to use in a single client session, and the photographs and the light, humorous approach will spur valuable interactions with even the most hesitant speakers. The fact-filled, thematic storylines also make these books invaluable for SLP’s tasked with linking their work with topics being covered in the classroom.

Here’s a closer look at each title:

An Amazing Day at the Zoo — This title takes up the fascinating world of animals using a trip to the zoo as a fun, engaging storyline, and supplements the journey with dozens of spectacular color photographs. The book also goes out of the zoo to explore the animals’ natural habitats, their behavior, and their relationships with their native ecosystems.


• In An Ocean Adventure, readers learn about marine life through an imaginary visit to Planet Ocean, where weird creatures, fierce predators, and alien intelligences float in the inhospitable atmosphere. Beyond individual animals, the book also takes up such topics as ecosystems, food chains, biodiversity, and ecological preservation.


Explore the Rainforest introduces students to one of the world’s most important ecosystems: the rainforest, the Amazon rainforest in particular. Along with spectacular photographs and fun, engaging entries, this book also introduces important concepts like the global water and oxygen cycles, ecosystem interdependence, photosynthesis, and the life cycles of plants.


Around the World in a Day uses encourages kids to use their imaginations to take a globe-trotting journey that hits dozens of important historical and natural sites around the world. Readers visit the Himalayas, New York City, Mt. Fuji, Patagonia, and dozens of places in between while at the same time learning about different cultures and the vast panoply of human history.


The Road To Greatness presents a compelling series of biographies of famous people. Each story focuses on the challenges that a historical figure (Lincoln, Beethoven, Gutenberg, and others) faced and the ways they found to overcome them. Along with important and engaging narratives about science, history, and technology, this book teaches kids crucial concepts in character education, providing examples that explore courage, perseverance, dedication and the value of service. Written to inspire kids facing challenges in their own lives, this book is a must-have for a home or classroom library.


For educators in an early-learning settings looking for books that will kindle a love of reading—books that are engaging, fun, and also informative—this series is a perfect fit.

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Author: Editorial Staff

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