Smart Kids Early Learning


There can be no doubt that early childhood learning and development is key for a child’s long term success as a learner. Researchers and scientists have proven that the first few years of life are nothing short of critical for both brain development and for fostering a positive attitude towards learning. Making certain that your child is not left behind during this pivotal time is, of course, quite important. Imaginatronics has worked to devise software applications and iPad apps for kids that will help your child enjoy learning.

The iPad, due to its high level of interactivity and wide range of functions, is truly a perfect learning platform for young learners. Video, pictures, music and sound are present in the “Smart Kids Early Learning” iPad app and are very well utilized. Further, the iPad’s lightweight design and compact size makes it perfect for parents to transport. This means that your child can literally be engaged in a deep and comprehensive learning experience almost anywhere.

The Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes

“Smart Kids Early Learning” is a learning tool designed to introduce young learners to such concepts as the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. Each of these concepts is taught to the child in an interactive way. Learning takes place both visually and audibly as well. For example, the alphabet is taught by introducing a child to a given letter then allowing this letter to be heard with the correct audio pronunciation. We realize that each child is unique, and our educational apps seek to embrace the various natural learning styles of different children.

Learning Numbers Can Be Fun

Number learning is likewise handled in an interactive fashion with children being introduced to numbers 1 through 10. Again the focus is on learning in a layered way. For example, 1 apple is shown to represent 1 and is accompanied by the appropriate audio. Children will thus see and hear the information and learn in an intuitive and organic fashion.

An Interactive Approach to Colors

For our colors section, children are taught the basic colors and they will see an example of the color in the form of an object . This will also encourage a child to focus on each new color more intensely, promoting new neural connections. Throughout this educational app, a total of 10 colors will be introduced in a fun way that is easy to remember.

Shapes of All Sizes

Just as ten colors are introduced in “Smart Kids Early Learning”, 10 shapes are also introduced in this innovative iPad app. As in all the sections, audio feedback plays a key role. Each shape is accompanied with audio repetition of its appropriate name.

“Smart Kids Early Learning” is a fun iPad app that will help your toddler learn for months and even years to come. The focus on seeing as well as hearing will help young learners make the most of this interactive experience. At $0.99, your young reader will get endless hours of use and enjoyment.