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Some of the greatest minds in history have struggled with some all-too-familiar problems: Albert Einstein’s father nicknamed his young son “the dopey one.” Isaac Newton’s family insisted that he needed to become a farmer, not a scientist. When Charles Darwin’s father sent his son off to medical school, Darwin got in trouble for leaving his books behind as he went out and studied nature.

Like too many kids today, these and other famous people struggled with disappointments, distractions, and disasters. But to read their stories is to become inspired at what they accomplished against all odds.

The Road To Greatness tells these stories for kids in the primary grades: how Beethoven survived a childhood of neglect to become a great composer. How Thomas Edison overcame his deafness to become a great inventor. How Abraham Lincoln rose out of poverty to become the greatest president his country has ever known. And every one of dozens of stories aims to show kids how they, too, can find something they love and use their passion to propel them past all obstacles into the life of their dreams.

The Road To Greatness is the perfect addition to any home library or primary-grade classroom. Its fact-filled narratives will inspire and educate, presenting biographies for figures from William Shakespeare to Nikola Tesla, from Aristotle to Alexander Graham Bell. Parents reading aloud to their kids will find themselves stopping for deep discussions about life challenges and how to overcome them. Teachers can use The Road To Greatness as an invaluable supplement to science and technology units and character education curricula.

In fact, everyone will get something from The Road To Greatness:

Kids will learn about history, technology, philosophy and art—and at the same time encounter examples of how great minds have triumphed over impossible circumstances. Add to that dozens of beautiful photographs, three sets of puzzles, and a sketch pad that will allow them to draw their own pictures, and educators and parents may have trouble getting kids to stop reading these inspiring stories!

• For parents, The Road To Greatness is more than a wonderful introduction to important character traits like perseverance, courage, and dedication. It’s also a great jumping-off point for talking to kids about their challenges, their hopes, and their dreams. And in addition to being a perfect book for reading aloud, it’s a great supplement to early learning at school or in a homeschool.

Educators and homeschoolers will love The Road To Greatness as a supplement for science and technology units: it’s also perfect as a central text for character education programs. And classroom discussions and written assignments based on this book are guaranteed to be vital and exciting!

Do you know kids who need some inspiration? The Road To Greatness will do just that. Download a copy today.

Put this book to work!

The Road To Greatness is fun primary-grade reading that kids will love. And it has plenty of uses everywhere early learning is important:

• As a basis for class discussion, or as a conversation starter in the home, or as a tool to engage kids in conversation and learning in any setting.
• As supplemental reading for an ecology, nature, or world geography unit.
• As a great read-aloud assignment for kids in the primary grades—at home, in class, or one-on-one with a teacher.
• As a wonderful “free reading” title in the classroom or home library.
• As a reading assessment tool: the book features three sets of multiple-choice questions to reinforce kids’ learning and help teachers and homeschooling parents assess reading comprehension
• As the basis for other approaches to early learning, including reports, research projects, presentations, and other assignments.











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